Characteristics of Wind Pollinated Flowers

Wind Pollinated Flowers:

The Wind Pollinated Flowers are employed by the plants of the grass family which is commonly grown for fodder.

Example: Typha sp, Maize, Grass, etc.

Characteristics of Wind Pollinated Flowers:

1. The flowers are aggregated in a long-stalked inflorescence well above the vegetative portion.

2. The flowers are never colored or showy.

3. The flowers never emit any fragrant odor.

4. The perianth is usually small and inconspicuous and doesn’t cover the sexual parts at maturity.

5. The sex organs are exposed and hang outside the perianth at maturity.

6. The stamens are long filaments that swing easily in the wind.

7. The anthers bear large quantities of pollen grains.

8. The pollen grains are small, smooth, light, and dry. They are easily carried by the wind and are distributed over a wide area.

9. The style is long protruding, and the stigmas are outside the flower.

10. The stigmas are large and feathery or bristly and can catch easily any pollen grain floating in the air.