Characteristics of Water Pollinated Flowers

Water-Pollinated Flowers:

The water-pollinated flowers are variously adapted for the effective transference of pollen grains from another to the stigma. Water-pollinated plants are of two types-those in which pollination takes place completely underwater and are termed Hypohydrogamous.

Example: Naias, Ceratophyllum, etc.

Characteristics of Water Pollinated Flowers:

1. Flowers are very small, light in weight colorless.

2. Floral parts are always covered by a waxy layer, to prevent the flowers from getting wet.

3. Accessory floral parts are always smaller than the essential floral parts, therefore the essential parts remain always exposed and are not covered by the accessory parts.

4. Matured male and female parts are always protruded out of the flower at maturity.

5. Anthers dehisce violently scattering the pollen grains to a considerable distance.

6. Small and lightweight pollen grains can easily float and are transferred to a long distance.

7. Stigmas are with bristles and can hold pollen grains easily.