Scope of Environmental Education

The Scope of Environmental Education is not only limited to studying mere concepts, philosophy, ethics, components, and the problems associated with resource depletion, pollution, and population explosion. But also to find out a practical global solution in the form of raising public awareness – a heart to feel the immediate need for environmental protection leading to increased participation at all levels and a mind to develop scientific and effective management strategies and solutions to all the problems we are currently facing.

Acceptance of human error and the need for immediate steps to reverse the trends. In this context, it is a relatively new concept that the resources of the world are finite. Mother earth has enough for all of us, but not enough for our greed, to are concepts from the other side of the industrial revolution that is gradually regaining ground.

Expertise in the field of environmental science can be placed as:

  • Environmental consultant
  • Toxicologist
  • Environment manager
  • Environment engineer
  • Conservation officer
  • Waste management officer
  • Scientist in water and air quality
  • Public Health Practitioner
  • Architect of landscape design
  • Urban planner
  • Transport management