Control of Viral Diseases in Plants

Control of Viral Diseases:

The easy methods of controlling viral disease spread and losses due to them are as follows:

1. Eradication: The destruction of infected plants and susceptible weeds, lessens the possibility of the spread of disease.

2. Elimination of Insects: The use of insecticidal dust and sprays reduces the chances of insect transmission.

3. Selection of Seeds: It should be made from such fields which were free from infection. Seeds of cucurbits and legumes, setts of sugarcane, tubers, rhizomes, bulbs, etc should be carefully selected for seed purposes.

4. Tuber Indexing: It is done at the time of digging potatoes. Tubers taken from the healthy plants are marked with ink and sown in small insect-proof plots. The suspected diseased plants are removed carefully leaving only the healthy plants to grow. Thus the healthy seed is multiplied.

5. Resisting Varieties: They are evolved at various research centers, and offer the best method for growing healthy crops.