Basic Concepts of Food and Nutrition

Concepts of Food:

Food is the prime necessity for all living beings without it, one can’t survive. The food we eat is digested and assimilated in the body and used for the supply of energy, production of heat, and for synthesis and renewal of body tissue. So, foo is anything that can be eaten and digested. But just food isn’t nutrition. Although begins with food and deals with food, it is much more than food.

Concepts of Nutrition:

The word ‘nutrition’ comes from the Latin word ‘Nutr‘. It means to nurture or nourish. Nourishment is that which sustains life. According to Robinson, “Nutrition is the science of foods and nutrients and other substances therein, interactions and balance in relation to health and disease, the processes by which the organisms ingest, digest, absorb, transport and utilize nutrients and disposes of their end products”.