Importance of Environment

The environment is not a standalone subject and in order to comprehend its fine nuances, people have to take a holistic view and understand various disciplines like economics, resource studies, biology, population issues, geography, physics, chemistry, etc. Such is the wide scope of Environment studies that covers some aspect or the other from every major discipline.

The basic importance of the environment is embedded in simple facts:

1. Creation, substance, and perpetuation are regulated by the environment.
2. Substance needs the use of the world’s resources.
3. The world’s resources are finite.
4. As people grow in numbers, we create more and more pressure on these finite resources.
5. Depleting resources points at a time in the future when they will not be able to sustain us, therefore all types of resources are to be properly managed.
6. By wantons utilization and conspicuous consumption we are hastening the process of environmental degradation.
7. Unplanned and misused resources lead to the generation of waste.
8. Untreated waste dumped into the environment is aiding the process of destruction.
9. Our careless ways are leading to pollution of air, water, and atmosphere with serious consequences.
10. Reversals of these trends are an immediate must if we are to stop irreparable damages to the environment.
11. Problems are to be identified and appropriate solutions are to be sought.
12. Nations and governments alone can’t put a cap on such damages.
13. We must on an individual level, be aware of the issues and lead a life that is sustainable, therefore knowledge and education become necessary.
14. We need to save humanity from extinction and hence the need for sensible planning of development. Being clean green and sustainable isn’t a choice. It is a necessity to maintain a natural balance. It should be the common goal for all citizens.