Classification of Food with examples

Classification of Food:

There are mainly four ways of classifying foods:

    1. By Origin
    2. By Chemical Composition
    3. By Predominant Functions
    4. By Nutritive Value

By Origin:

    i. Foods of animal origin

    ii. Foods of vegetable origin

By Chemical Composition:

    i. Carbohydrates

    ii. Proteins

    iii. Fat

    iv. Vitamins

    v. Minerals

By Predominant Functions:

    i. Body-building foods

    ii. Energy-giving foods

    iii. Protective foods

By Nutritive Value:

    i. Vegetables

    ii. Fruits

    iii. Cereals and Millet

    iv. Pluses and Legumes

    v. Nuts and Oilseeds

    vi. Meat, Fish Poultry

    vii. Fats and Oils

    viii. Condimentts and Spices

    ix. Sugar and Jaggery