Types of Ovary in Flowering Plants

Types of Ovary:

Depending on the relative position of the ovary and other floral members on the thalamus, the ovary may be three types –

1. Superior Ovary: The ovary is situated at the top of the convex or conical thalamus. As a result, there is no attachment of the ovary with other floral whorls.

Example: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

2. Inferior Ovary: The ovary wall is fused with the raised margin of the cup-shaped thalamus both basically and laterally. As a result, the ovary is situated below floral whorls.

Example: Cucurbita, Pyrus, etc.

3. Half-inferior Ovary: The ovary is situated at the center of the slightly concave thalamus. As a result, the position of the ovary is intermediate between the inferior or superior conditions.

Example: Pea, Rose, etc.