Taxonomic Hierarchy of Plants and Animals

Taxonomic Hierarchy:

The taxonomic hierarchy is a systematic framework of classification in which the taxonomic groups are arranged in a definite order from higher to lower groups and each of them excepting the lowest one includes the subordinate groups.

History of Taxonomy:

There are more than two million plants and animals in the world. A large number of organisms have become extinct as a result of organic evolution through millions of years. At the same time, a large number of plant and animal species have still remained obscure. It is very difficult to have thorough, comprehensive knowledge about all these species unless they are properly arranged. The process of arranging the living species in a definite pattern is known as classification.

While the branch of biology, that deals with the grouping of plants and animals is called Taxonomy. The word ‘taxonomy’ comes from the Greek word Taxis arrangement and nomos laws. Thus, the taxonomy includes naming organisms or nomenclature after their identification and classifying them.