Drawbacks of Darwinism

Limitations of Darwinism:

Darwinism has limitations for which it faces criticism. Its limitations are the following:

1. Darwin didn’t mention anything about how variation may have originated.

2. Darwin gave importance to small variations but in most cases, such variations aren’t heritable. Therefore, they aren’t useful for evolution.

3. According to Darwin, through natural selection positive alteration in species is possible. But there are such events also in evolution where the alteration in species members appears to be in reverse order.

4. Darwinism doesn’t state anything about the principles of inheritance.

5. According to the theory of natural selection, the unit of evolution is individual. But according to modern concepts, evolution can’t occur at the individual level rather unit of evolution is population.

6. According to Darwin through an accumulation of variations the member of a species may be overspecialized which sometimes becomes the cause for the extinction of a species.