Difference between Sperm and Ovum in tabular form


A sperm is usually a small, compact cell, highly specialized for the task of fertilizing an egg. sperm is the male sex cells that carry a man’s genetic material. They are so tiny that they can’t be seen without a microscope.


Ovum or egg is the female reproductive cell or gamete Which develops into a new member after the process of fertilization.

Difference between Sperm and Ovum:

Sperm Ovum
1. Sperms are produced in the testes 1. Ovum are produced in the ovaries
2. Four sperms are formed from one spermatogonium 2. One oogonium produce one ovum
3. Sperms are motile, sperms eject hyaluronidase upon the wall of ovum for penetration purpose 3. Ovum are non-motile, it engulfs sperm by forming reception cone
4. A mature sperm is made of four parts like head, neck, body and tail 4. Such type of parts are absent
5. Sperm posses very small quantity of cytoplasm 5. Ovum has large quantity of cytoplasm, termed as ooplasm
6. Mitochondria form a spiral in the body 6. Mitochondria are scattered