Difference between Primary and Secondary Sex Organs

Primary Sex Organs:

This sex organs produce germ cells. These are –

    i. In Male: A pair of tests which produce sperms.

    ii. In Female: A pair of ovaries which produce ovum.

Secondary Sex Organs:

These are sex organs other than the primary sex organs which don’t produce germ cells but help in reproduction.

    i. Male Secondary Sex Organs:
    1. Epididymis, 2. Vas deferens, 3. Seminal Vesicle, 4. Ejaculatory duct, 5. Prostate gland, 6. Cowper’s gland, 7. Urethra, 8. Penis, 9. Scrotum

    ii. Female Secondary Sex Organs:
    1. Fallopian tubes, 2. Uterus, 3. Bartholin’s gland, 4. Clitoris, 5. Vagina, 6. Vestibule, 7. Mammary glands, 8. Mons pubis, 9. Labia majora, 10. Labia minora

Primary Sex Organs Secondary Sex Organs
1. Primary sex organs produce gametes 1. Secondary sex organs don't produce gametes
2. These type of sex organs secretes sex hormones 2. They don't secrete sex hormones
3. Primary sex organs in female is ovary and in male is testes 3. Epididymis, penis, prostate, scrotum, etc are male secondary sex organs and fallopian tube, uterus, mammary glands, etc are the female secondary sex organs