Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Hydro Power Plant

Advantages of Small Hydro Power Plant:

1. It requires a small amount of flow and a height of 2 ft. can generate electricity.

2. Continuous supply of energy.

3. It is a clean process of power generation.

4. No reservoir is needed and functions as a runoff river system. Water flowing out of the generator is directed back to the stream.

5. SHPs generate renewable energy apart from catering to the uplifting of the rural masses, more so in remote, inaccessible areas.

6. They are the most cost-effective option for power generation.

7. They provide a stable electricity supply even in remote areas and act as catalysts for economic development.

8. SHPs resolve the low voltage problem in remote regions and help decrease transmission and distribution losses.

9. SHP also helps to provide water for drinking, sanitation, and irrigation.

10. They also help foster economic development by aiding industrialization.

11. SHP calls for minimum rehabilitation and resettlement apart from being environmentally friendly.

12. They also help in employment generation.

Disadvantages of Small Hydro Power Plant:

1. Power expansion isn’t possible.

2. Low power production during the summer due to decreased water flow.