Advantages and Disadvantages of Self and Cross Pollination

Advantages of Self Pollination:

1. It is a certain process.

2. Pollen grains are more utilized.

3. Independent of agencies.

4. Purity of the species is maintained.

Disadvantages of Self Pollination:

1. It results in weaker progeny.

2. Viability of seeds is less.

3. New varieties aren’t formed.

4. Reduction in excellence takes place in progeny.

5. Adaptability in progeny decreases.

6. Gradually becomes extinct.

Advantages of Cross Pollination:

1. Formation of healthier offspring.

2. Offsprings are better adapted to struggle for existence.

3. Seeds produced are more viable.

4. Germinating capacity of seeds is much better.

5. New varieties are produced.

6. Offsprings show better adaptability to their environment.

Disadvantages of Cross Pollination:

1. It is an uncertain process as it is dependent on agencies.

2. Wastage of pollen grains takes place.

3. Purity of species is lost.

4. Dependent on another plant.

5. Dependent on the agency.

6. Reproduction stops in absence of the agent.

7. Less economical as various devices have to be adopted to attract pollinating agents.