Advantages and Disadvantages of Ocean Thermal Energy

Advantages of Ocean Thermal Energy:

1. After project completion tidal energy is free.

2. It requires no supply of fuel.

3. No production of wastes or other pollutants.

4. Reliable production of electricity.

5. Maintenance cost is cheap.

6. Tides are totally predictable.

7. OTEC and offshore turbines have a minimal environmental impact.

8. OTEC may help in increasing fish production.

Disadvantages of Ocean Thermal Energy:

1. Construction of barrages is usually expensive. Both the upstream and downstream are changed making it difficult for birds to feed and fish to migrate without fish ladders.

2. Tidal power stations can generate power only for 10 hours a day, only when the tide is flowing.

3. Few suitable sites are available for tidal barrages.

4. In the case of OTEC, the salty marine water is biologically very active and may deposit algae on the pipes and heat exchange surface to form a coat, thus reducing the efficiency of heat exchange.