Uses and Consequences of Over Usage of Water

Uses of Water:

Three fourth of the surface area of the world is water (71%) but out of this, only 1.7% is groundwater, 2.5% is freshwater, but that is also reduced effectively to 1.8% because of the surface water contamination.

i. In agriculture, water is drained into the cropland through a suitable irrigation system.

ii. Water is used for drinking purposes.

iii. It is used for our day-to-day use including cooking, bathing, washing, etc.

iv. It is used in different industries for the purpose of cooling.

v. It is used for power generation in thermal power plants, hydroelectric plants, and also for generating power using tidal waves.

vi. Waterways of inland streams and oceans are effective thoroughfares.

Consequences of Over Usage of Water:

i. Gradual depletion of groundwater causing scarcity of drinking water.

ii. Extreme dryness of the soil resulting in the loss of primary productivity.

iii. Groundwater pollution with arsenic or fluoride.

iv. Desertification and loss of fest cover.

v. Reduction in agricultural productivity.