Types of Food Chain in Ecosystem

Food Chain in Ecosystem:

The transfer of food energy from producers to a series of organisms of different trophic-level in an ecosystem is called food chain.

Types of Food Chain in Ecosystem

In 1966, scientist Odum gave a clear definition of the food chain. According to him, “This process in which food energy passes from producers to consumers in a linear sequence of ‘eat and to be eaten‘ is known as a food chain“.

Types of Food Chain:

Food chains are of three types –

i. Predator Food Chain: Predator food chain extends from green plants to carnivores. It is also called a grazing food chain.

ii. Parasitic Food Chain: A parasitic food chain starts from a host animal and extends up to parasites.

iii. Saprophytic Food Chain: A saprophytic food chain begins with dead organisms or organic matter and passes through detrivores or feeding organisms in the soil. It is also called a detritus food chain.