How does Health Contribute in the Growth of a Nation?

How Health Promotes the Development of a Nation?

Good health isn’t only crucial for an individual’s well-being but is vital for a country’s prosperity and productivity. Great nations are built on the good health of their citizens. Healthy citizens mean better attention, higher work efficiency, and greater productivity. Poor health of the citizens drains the nation of precious resources which are derived from development to meet the high costs of treating illnesses. Besides, poor health leads to a loss of productive working hours, decreased efficiency/output, and absenteeism.

For an individual, poor health can mean a loss of wages and an increase in all kinds of stress in life. Common health-related problems that can hamper the economic and intellectual productivity of individuals are defective dietary intakes that lead to loss of energy, malnutrition, anemia, and other nutrient deficiencies. It is indeed ironic that even educated people remain ignorant about the right nutrition and indulge in improper food intake.

At the national level, epidemics like malaria, pneumonia, dysentery, and ascariasis grip the undernourished and unhealthy populations easily. A faulty diet decreases vitality, vigor, and resistance to inflection. It is the primary cause of many diseases, mental depression, infections, mortality, and morbidity. Since good food is essential for building up healthy bodies, for keeping them healthy, and for curing various diseases, every single person must have the knowledge of Nutrition and understand what food is good for her/him, its quality and quantity. Nutrition, therefore, is of great importance for each and everyone if we want to achieve “Health for All“.