Difference Between Respiration and Combustion


Respiration is a very important and well-regulated physiological process by which complex organic food is broken down to simpler substances with the liberation of heat energy at a much slower rate.


Combustion is a physio-chemical process that occurs outside the cell involving an uncontrolled process by which huge amounts of heat and light are liberated.

Respiration vs Combustion:

Respiration Combustion
1. Respiration is a physiological process 1. Combustion is a physio-chemical process
2. It occurs within the living cells 2. It occurs outside the living cells
3. This process can occur in presence or in absence of molecular oxygen 3. This process can't occur in absence of molecular oxygen
4. It takes place slowly with the help of certain enzymes. 4. It takes place vigorously without the involvement of enzymes
5. ATP is produced in this process 5. ATP is not generated in this process
6. This process doesn't damage the cell, only the respiratory substrate is oxidized 6. The combustible substance is completed destroyed
7. The release of heat energy takes place at a much slower rate 7. Release of large amount of heat and light takes place quickly.