Describe Fertilization in Flowering Plants

Fertilization in Flowering Plants:

The process of union between male gamete and female gamete is called fertilization.

Process of Fertilization:

1. Pollen grains are transferred from the anther to the stigma and it germinates.

2. After germination a pollen tube emerges from the pollen grain and divides to form male gametes.

3. The male gametes produced by pollen grains in the embryo sac fuse with the female gamete present in the ovule.

4. This process of fusion of germ cells is called fertilization and forms a diploid zygote.

5. After fertilization the zygote undergoes a series of mitotic divisions to form a multicellular embryo within the ovule.

6. Ovule gradually converts into seed and the ovary becomes grows and ripens to form a fruit.

7. The fruit bears a seed that contains a future plant or embryo which develops into a seeding under appropriate conditions.