Causes of Dehydration in Human Body


As a result of water deprivation, a concentration of fluids occurs first in the plasma, then in the extracellular compartments and finally the intracellular compartments. Along with water, intracellular potassium also passes out into extracellular fluid. Loss of 20% body water results in death.

Causes of Dehydration:

1. Difficulty in swallowing, unconsciousness and impairment of the sensation of thirst.

2. Chronic nephritis due to inability of tubules to concentrate urine.

3. Diabetes mellitus – When there is a poly urea and intake of water is insufficient.

4. Severe diarrhea and vomiting.

5. Excessive perspiration and loss of fluid from skin.

6. Excessive loss of water through respiration in prolonged exposure to sun.