Causes and Effects of Marine Pollution

Marine Pollution:

‘The introduction by man directly or indirectly of substances or energy into the marine environment resulting in such deleterious effects as harm to living resources, hazards to human health, a hindrance to marine activities, including fishing, impairment of quality for use of sea-water and reduction of amenities.’

Sorce of Marine Pollution:

Nearly 80% of marine debris comprises plastic, the total mass of plastic can be as high as 100 million metric tons. Plastic bags, films, containers, and fishing nets are often discarded in marine waters.

Toxic organic and inorganic chemicals including heavy metals and radioactive wastes are discharged into the oceans and seas from the industries and factories located along the coastal regions that may alter the pH and composition of the water at the point of discharge.

The sewage from municipal wastes and agricultural runoff containing pesticides and fertilizers also gains entry into marine waters. Climate change, global warming, and windblown dust increase the crisis of the marine environment.