Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

Advantages of Nuclear Energy:

1. Emits very little GHGs. Hence doesn’t contribute to global warming.

2. Readily available technology.

3. Generates a high amount of electricity from very small use of nuclear fuel.

4. Low operating costs.

5. It is able to meet both industrial and domestic needs.

6. Nuclear waste may be reduced through reprocessing or recycling.

Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy:

1. High installation cost due to radiation containment and procedures. Needs a centralized power source with a large infrastructure.

2. High known and unknown risks.

3. Requires a long construction period.

4. Nuclear fuel is a finite source. Uranium may last for 30-60 years.

5. Installation and operation need high expertise and skill.

6. Mining involves health costs and other catastrophes.

7. Requires a huge amount of water.

8. Disposing of spent fuel is a problem. Wastes may last for 200-500 years.

9. Target for terrorist activities/

10. Average life span of nuclear reactors is usually 4-050 years.